Who I am

I am a globally connected international educator with 20+ years experience across all three International Baccalaureate programmes. I have a passion for inquiry-based learning, international mindedness, innovation and creativity, new literacies and technology integration. As an inquiry consultant, teacher and coach, I work to improve learning outcomes through collaboration and inclusive design. I aim to lead best practice in the field of learning and have developed and led whole-school professional development for concept- based inquiry, language and digital literacy integration in international school contexts.

I am a collaborator, leader and innovator. Most of all, I am a learner.

Passions & Skills

Leadership, Professional Learning and Curriculum Development
Digital Literacy, Creativity and Connected Learning
International Mindedness, Collaboration and Inclusion
Inquiry-based Learning
Language in Learning


Global literacy is part of BEING literate today.

Sylvia Rosenthal Tolisano

Language capacity is the root of all student performance. The success of a classroom learning experience rests on student language capacity.

Heidi Hayes Jacobs

In interlingual classrooms power will be negotiated and shared and all children will be included in the learning that takes place in classrooms. Interlingual classrooms are places where international mindedness is seen in action. Internationalism is felt and children learn who they are…

Eithne Gallagher

We derive our competence from forming connections.

George Siemens

We do not learn from experience. We learn from reflecting on experience.

John Dewey

If we are to teach our students to become prosumers of information in today’s connected digital world, then we need to understand and become prosumers ourselves. By reaching out and joining online communities, create learning networks, and grow those networks to be powerful professional learning environments, educators can take advantage of the wealth of knowledge on the web. They can use this new knowledge for their own professional growth and pass the knowledge and power of the network on to their students.

Jeff Utecht

Language wraps itself around, in, through and between everything that we teachers and learners do in the classroom.

Ron Ritchart

Connected communities of learners are the key to future knowledge.

Matthew Dolmont, Tech Coach @ISPP

An approach to teaching and learning that is underpinned by an understanding of language is crucial.